Mother and child projects


For a long time the hospital has been asking for an incubator. After solid investigation on how often this incubator will be used, which incubators are available and which functions are necessary, we decided to go ahead and sponsor an incubator. This project was also sponsored by De Pietenbende. Of course the WGH was very happy hearing about this. Meanwhile the incubator has been purchased and put into operation.

Realisation of the childrens’ ward

With help from the observant, Maastricht University and the NCDO we could start with the built of the children’s ward in 2006. The building plan of Roland van Ginderen was checked in detail on budget, building and technical implementation. Under the surveillance of Sylvester (consultant) and with the hard word of Zack (contractor) they were able to finish the ward by the end of 2007. Dhr. Marius de Jong, secretary from the Dutch embassy in Ghana officially opened the ward in February 2008.

Realisation of the maternity ward

With money from the Ghanaian government the hospital started building a maternity ward. Only they needed some extra money to finish the electricity and water supply and to make the ward ready for use. With the contribution of the ‘friends of MUSTANGH’ we were able to help realising the finishing touch in 2007.