Christmas letter initiative

During the weeks before the Holidays we spread Christmas letters about our Foundation throughout Maastricht. We are happy to announce that we raised a nice amount of money by this initiative! This will be well used for, among other things, the sponsoring of the education of Mr. Tabi to become an anesthesiologist. On behalf of the board of MUSTANGH we would like to thank everyone whom has supported us!

Purchase of a new car!

With the help of Wilde Ganzen the West Gonja Hospital was able to purchase a new car! This car was very much needed as before they only had one old car and no ambulance. This new car will be used for transfer to rural areas, the transport of medicine, the pick up of new students and if needed the transport of patients.

For more information see: car

Pubquiz In Den Ouden Vogelstruys raised €162,10

Monday 6 March, the monthly pubquiz of the oldest cafe in Maastricht, In Den Ouden Vogelstruys, took place. Guido Gerrits, employee of the Vogelstruys and organizer of the quiz, invited MUSTANGH to be there as a guest. After sharing some flyers and telling about MUSTANGH, we started the quiz. The quiz was totally in MUSTANGH-style, with for example a round with African questions and a round with African music. Besides, we had a lotery in the break, of which the proceeds goes to MUSTANGH as well. Unfortunately, the MUSTANGH teams were not able to beat the other teams. Nevertheless, it was a very nice evening, and we raised €162,10 for MUSTANGH!

Africa week 2017 a huge success!

Last Monday, the Afrika week started again. Our simple but very effective ‘like-for-a-lolly-action’ was immediately very successful (we collected 195 new likes in only one week!) and promised much good for the rest of the week. The zumba following was also very nice: a sportive start of this week in African style. On Tuesday, we had our annual pubquiz. An integral part of the Africa week and also this time a cosy night in which MUSTANGH-teams were trying to beat the regular teams of Edd’s Cafe. In the end, the Edd’s Café teams were the best. After some MUSTANGH shots, we ended the night and went to our bed. Wednesday, we had a short break, although our like-action was still very effective and selling tickets for our lotery was also going very well. After this little rest, we were able to make our last activities on Thursday as good as the first ones. We cooked an Afrikan three course meal at Saurus and the week was closed in D’n Hiemel, where we organised a beerpong tournament. Thrilling till the last throw and in the end, Team Henk won this competition. In short, it was a wonderfull week we will always remember!

A more detailed report of our activities can be read in our next newsletter. Curious? Sign in by leaving your emailaddress on this page. The lotery winners will be pronounced on Facebook!