Exercising at De Beukeloord

The members of MUSTANGH have been exercising with the residents of the nursery home ‘De Beukeloord’ in Meerssen. The residents have participated with good effort and lots of enthusiasm. The activities varied from bowling and throwing with pit cushions to the upholding of balloons in the air. The latter seemed to be the residents’ favorite. ... »»»

Call for a lawyer for our Board of Advisors

MUSTANGH regularly strugles with questions about contracts, regislation and regulations. Because we, students, don’t have enough knowledge and experience are we looking for a lawyer who can help us. This lawyer will be part of our Board of Advisor. That means that you have to be present at three meetings a year and be approachable for ... »»»

Saving for a new car

We are working on financing a new car (Nissan Navara) for the West Gonja Hospital. At the moment there is only one car available for the hospital. It is, of course, used very often because the hospital has to provide the health care in an area as big as Limburg, Brabant and Zeeland together. And you can imagine it will be a disaster if the car ... »»»


Welcome to the totally renewed website of MUSTANGH Foundation. We’re very proud to show you this completely new design. Of course we hope you like our site as much as we do, but above all, we hope you can find here the information you were looking for. So feel free to look around, read the inspiring stories, look at the beautiful pictures and ... »»»

Wine tasting P-Universeel

Friday the 15th was the day of the winetasting we organised for the Staff Association of Maastricht University. Which means that the MUSTANGH members finally had a solid excuse for drinking wine all night long. Sorry, I mean sipping, after all, we keep it classy at MUSTANGH. Naturally, at an event like this, the main goal for us is to raise ... »»»