West Gonja Hospital (ENG)

The WGH is situated in Damongo, the capital of West Gonja District in the Northern Region of Ghana. The WGH is a mission hospital, this means that the hospital is ran by a Diocese and Bishop, and most nurses are nuns.

The hospital deals with a shortage of staff and the state of the hospital buildings and medical equipment is deplorable. The hospital counts 260 employees and 100 beds on different wards. In the West Gonja District there are eight Health Centers in the surrounding communities, in which work no doctors.

Current services
The following services are currently available in the hospital:

  1. Reproductive and Child Health Services
  2. Dental Care Services
  3. Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Services
  4. Mental Health Services
  5. Eye Care Services
  6. Physiotherapy Services
  7. Theatre Services
  8. 24hrs OPD services including weekends
  9. In-Patient Services
  10. Health Education/Promotion
  11. Laboratory Services
  12. Radiological Services (ultrasound and X-Ray)
  13. Blood Bank
  14. Pharmacy/Dispensary
  15. HCT/PMTCT/ART centre
  16. 24hrs Ambulance Services
  17. Mortuary Services

Dr. Nelson was part of the staff of the WGH. In this letter he tells about the collaboration with the MUSTANGH foundation.
”I am Dr Nelson Agboadoh, a Specialist Surgeon. I was the Medical Superintendent of West Gonja Hospital from September, 2017 to December, 2018. Am currently pursuing my fellowship in General Surgery with the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons and at the Korle -Bu Teaching Hospital ( The largest Teaching Hospital in Ghana).
I have been involved in the partnership of MUSTANGH foundation and West Gonja Hospital since July, 2012 when I joined the hospital as a medical officer. I must say this partnership has helped the hospital tremendously. The hospital has benefited in terms of infrastructural development, vehicle, sponsorship of staff (doctors, nurses etc) for further studies.
MUSTANGH foundation has also benefited in terms of Maastricht University students coming to the hospital for tropical medicine experience.  Going forward, I wish to see the partnership grow stronger and stronger.
Long live West Gonja Hospital, Long live MUSTANGH Foundation, Long live MUSTANGH foundation and West Gonja Hospital partnership.  God bless us all.”

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