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Practical matters

At this very moment, it is possible for medicine and health-science students to arrange their internship via MUSTANG in the West Gonja Hospital. Unfortunately we don’t have enough internship possibilities for other faculties, we hope to facilitate these in the future. You are free to contact us to see what the possibilities are.

What MUSTANGH provides:
– Coursebook: Obviously, students will not be sent to Ghana uninformed. Studying abroad requires a good preparation. Thats why, for sixth grade medicine students, an elaborate ‘Ghana Student Coursebook’ is composed, where you can find all the information on the country and local health care. You will also find a checklist and some usefull tips from students that went before you.
– Visum: MUSTANGH’s education commissioner will guide students through the visum application process.
– Pick up and overnight stay: MUSTANGH arranges a pick up from the airport on arrival in GHANA en helps you on your trip to Damongo.
– Communication: Contact will be updated on a regular base during the students stay in Ghana. Hereby, students will sometimes be asked to perform small tasks for MUSTANGH in Ghana. To make sure that the student that travel to Ghana are good representatives of MUSTANGH, you will be informed on MUSTANGH’s policies and activities.

Application GEZP: When you want to do your GEZP in Ghana during your sixth year, you should apply via Eleum to be allowed access.

Housing: The MUSTANGH-house
MUSTANGH owns the MUSTANGH-house in Damongo, where students can stay during their GEZP. We think it’s very important that our students have good housing while they stay in Ghana. Usually around 2 to 3 students stay in the MUSTANGH-house. The house is also home to temporal guests from MUSTANGH, the UM or family members.

The house provides a good learning environment for all students. There is internet and a small library with medical books.

The house stands in a row of doctors-residents and is guarded at night by a watchman, Kassim. Mary is the housekeeper who cooks, washes and cleans with love for all the students. Students pay a rent contribution during their stay in the MUSTANGH-house, that helps pay the gas/water/light-bills, Mary, Kassim and extra maintenance.









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