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Driven by a passion for development aid and encouraged by the international mindset at Maastricht University, two students showed the initiative of taking a close look at the possibility of coöperation between Maastricht University and a rural hospital in Ghana. Research showed that the West Gonja Hospital (WGH), in the Northern Region of Ghana, was a hospital that was in great need of financial and material support on the one hand, and would form a good learning environment for medical students on the other hand. The right balance was provided to achieve the goals that were set for this project: contribute to the enrichment of the Ghanaian health care and give students at Maastricht University the opportunity to learn in, and especially from, a different culture.

This lead to believe that the WGH could be a promising partner for the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Lifesciences at Maastricht University (UM-FHML). After presenting their results, both Maastricht University and WGH showed great interest in this project. Gaël Pennings and Noëmi Nijsten were able to capture these interests and created in 2004 MUSTANGH: Maastricht University Students Twinning A North Ghanaian Hospital.



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