MUSTANGH Foundation aims at creating a ‘win-win’ situation for the health care in north Ghana and for students from Maastricht University.

MUSTANGH Foundation has two main tasks, namely


Support: Contribution to the enrichment of the Ghanaian health care, not only by financial and material support, but also by manpower and knowledge. Preferably we sponsor education. By teaching the locals and giving them the chance to educate, we provide a sustainable way to built the future of the health care in Ghana.

Education: to give students at Maastricht University the opportunity to learn in, and especially from, another culture. E.g. MUSTANGH offers an18 weeks elective medical internship in the WGH for 6th year medical students of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science (FHML).

MUSTANGH’s mission is to help the hospital develop into an independent functioning hospital with respect to their financial and human resources.



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