Board of Advisors

The student board is supported by a board of advisors. This board meets three times a year and can be consulted on various topics. The tasks and responsibilities of the board and the board of advisors are recorded in the rules of procedure of the MUSTANGH Foundation.

Members of the board of advisors:

Jos Kievits: former Director of Development UM
After his law / business education, Jos Kievits has worked for most of his career at various government institutions, at central and decentral level, as a policy and management advisor. In the last phase of his career within the government, he was ‘chef kabinet’ of the King’s Commissioner (in) in Limburg.
He then spent 9 years at Maastricht University as Director of Development, responsible for private fundraising for the University and for UM’s alumni relations. In these years he was also director of the Limburg University Fund (SWOL). He retired in May 2018.
During his professional career he was a volunteer board member and supervisor at various institutions in the culture, education and ombudsman sectors.
“In my work for the university I frequently came into contact with (young) scientists and students. Especially the large group of students who, in addition to their studies, make the effort to do local and international volunteer work for groups in society that are less privileged. Mustangh is an excellent example of this. For many years and with impressive results. I will gladly work to help Mustangh with the continuation and strengthening of his work. Mustangh is focused on concrete challenges and shows a strong focus on results. I hope that institutions will continue to support Mustangh’s work. It is worth it, ”

E. Brouwer: Project manager SHE Collaborates
I work as a project manager within Maastricht University’s School of Health professions Education (SHE). Our international project collaborations aim to implement student-centered medical education and we work in a number of countries globally. One of my project partners is the University for Development Studies in Tamale, Northern Ghana, where we collaborate with MUSTANGH on a regular basis. As a member of the advisory board I hope to share my project management experience in the Ghanaian context with the MUSTANGH student board when needed. As a physician and a teacher in the Maastricht medical curriculum I fully support the MUSTANGH initiative and I hope all future doctors can benefit from an international elective such as those offered in Damongo.

R. van Ginderen: Architectural  engineer, designer of the new WGH
I’m 38 years old, happely together with Bianca and we have 2 sons named Stijn and Cas.
During the study Building and Construction Technology at the TUE in Eindhoven, I came in contact with MUSTANGH. During my graduation project I did field research, made a new hospital layout design and finally a part of the hospital design is actually realised. For the second time I visited Damongo to initiate the start-up phase of building the new hospital ward.
As a member of the Board of Advisors I will help MUSTANGH with all of their building and design challenges.

G. Snijders: Former GEZP student WGH, general practitioner
Hi, my name is Gitte Snijders, I’m 30 years old and I’m a general practinioner for a while now. Besides I’ve a lovely boyfriend and (almost) three children. Meanwhile, I’m a member of the Board of Advisors for five years, because I’ve done my research-internship and my internship of choice in Damongo (2010 and 2011) and I stayed in the MUSTANGH-house. I then noticed the capacities of the foundation and I really want to continue supporting MUSTANGH! I’m very interested in tropical medicine, advising of travellers and the local people and the hospital in Damongo. I regularly give lectures about my own experiences and I hope to motivate others to go for the adventure. That’s why I like to support MUSTANGH.

Marloes Verhaegh: oud-voorzitter
My name is Marloes Verhaegh, I am 25 years old and am almost finished with my Medicine studies. In 2013 I joined MUSTANGH by becoming a member of the PR-committee. The year after that I became the PR-commissioner and in my final year with the MUSTANGH foundation I was the board President. In that same year I of course visited the West Gonja Hospital in Damongo. During my years with MUSTANGH I have gotten to know this exceptional foundation through and through. I would like to use this knowledge and experience to support the foundation and especially the new board members. In this way, I hope to help MUSTANGH continue his good work for a long time!

– T. Geradts: Former board member of MUSTANGH; Project Coordinator Maastricht Centre For Entrepreneurships
– R. Verspeek: Kiwanuka foundation



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