Next to the GEZP that MUSTANGH offers to medicine students there’s also the possibility to do your research participation (WESP) in the West Gonja Hospital. This is the 18-weeks internship in which students focus on their academic development by conducting their own research. Therefor we don’s offer a set program but we discuss the opportunities per student and set the program after that. The subject will be chosen by the student self but will not only have to be approved by the hospital but also by the medical ethical commission in Ghana.

Are you interested in immersing yourself in the Ghanaian health-care? Or do you have questions about the possibilities concerning the WESP in Ghana? Contact us!

Also read the experiences from Bente van der Meijden, a student who did her WESP via MUSTANGH in Ghana.

MUSTANGH will take care of the biggest part of your internship! (the trip, residence, contacts and visum). For more information, look under the heading Practical matters.

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