Older projects


The ultrasound used in the WGH was a bit dated.. Therefor we and the staff members of the hospital felt the WGH could use a new ultrasound. So we provided this and since august 2015 there is a brand new ultrasound in the WGH, that fully meets the requirements. Because of this there are a lot more possibilities available in the field of gynaecology an rapid diagnostics of for example abdominal complaints. We not only sponsored the ultrasound, but also the education to use it. Meanwhile this machine is used about 400 times a month, which show how very much it was needed.

Vaccinations Hepatitis B

In the Netherlands all the hospital employees (and students) are vaccinated against hepatitis B, because it is a very dangerous and contagious disease. In Ghana this isn’t customary. MUSTANGH, Books4life and the Leeuwenborgh College together made sure all the employees of the WGH are vaccinated against hepatitis B.

Renovating the laboratory

The Ghanaian government has offered their help with revonating the laboratories from the hospital. As their funding was not enough to cover all expenses, MUSTANGH offered to cover the remaining expenses. In this manner the laboratories were successfully rebuild.

Water tank

Running water doesn’t always go without saying in Ghana. However for an hospital it is very important to have constant access to clean water. This is why MUSTANGH decided to realise the construction of a water tank. We were able to this thanks to the help of CORDAID.

ECG and oxygen saturation meters

The WGH hospital was in great need of an ECG-machine, because the old one was defect and that meant this hospital was without. We couldn’t let this pas without helping. So with the help of the Elizabeth Strouven foundation we replaced it as quickly  as possible. Besides that we also sponsored a couple of new oxygen saturation meters, which are used daily.


The Soroptimisten club from Walcheren supported the MUSTANGH foundation by financing a microscope for the laboratory of the WGH. For this they donated an amount of €1.500,- The microscope is used regularly.