PR committee

The goal of the PR committee is to represent the foundation and to get more known by the students of Maastricht. During the year they organize a lot of divers activities, for example a pubquiz and a sports activity together with UM Sports during the well-known Africa week.

This committee is led by Danique Westendorp and exists of the following members:

Linde Boots
Hey! My name is Linde Boots and I am 20 years old. I am a third-year medicine student at Maastricht University. Besides my course, I enjoy cooking and having dinner with friends, and I play field hockey with a lot of friends as well. I also like traveling very much (as well as the anticipation of planning my future travels)! Starting this year, I am a member of the PR-commission of MUSTANGH. I am looking forward to organize several fun activities and give my contribution to the West Gonja Hospital.

Linda Brands
Hi! I’m Linda Brands. I am 19 years old and currently in my second year of medical school. Besides the university I love sports and sociability. I handball three times a week with a nice lady team. I also enjoy going out with my friends for an evening. Besides that, I am a big fan of travelling. This is my first year in the PR committee of MUSTANGH. I find it very special that MUSTANGH is very close to the hospital, so we get a lot of information. I am really looking forward to this year!

Aukje Grimm
Hello everyone, my name is Aukje Grimm, I’m 21 and currently studying medicine at the Maastricht University. Although I live in the beautiful city of Maastricht, I still return to my hometown Enschede on the weekends. To meet up with friends and family, but also to play field hockey at the club I grew up at. Sports and friends are also my occupation in my spare-time. My father has worked in Africa for multiple years, and always taught me to be aware of the quality of life in the Netherlands. After closely following the journey by two MUSTANGH board members in Ghana, I felt called to also devote myself to the opportunities that MUSTANGH offers to the West Gonja Hospital. Therefore, I am excited to be a part of the PR-commission to bring more awareness to the name and cause of the MUSTANGH foundation. I’m looking forward to an exciting and educating year in which we will hopefully achieve good results.

Lara Pijls
Hi! I’m Lara Pijls and I’m 20 years old. I’m in my 3rd year of medical school and I live in Maastricht on my own. Besides studying I’m playing hockey. You can find me on the hockey field every Sunday. I also like doing fun things with friends, such as having drinks or going out for dinner. I joined the PR-commission of MUSTANGH because I like organizing things and that way raise brand awareness for MUSTANGH. Hopefully it will be an educational but especially a fun year at the PR-commission.

Regula Kuhn
Hey, I am Regula and I am a 3rd year biomedical sciences student. I am now 21 years old and it’s my 4th year in the beautiful Maastricht. I am an active member in the student association Koko as well as I am very active in my sorority. I like to spend my spare time with my friends. I am looking forward to be on the PR-committee within MUSTANGH this year! 

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