PR committee

The goal of the PR committee is to represent the foundation and to get more known by the students of Maastricht. During the year they organize a lot of divers activities, for example a pubquiz and a sports activity together with UM Sports during the well-known Africa week.

This committee is led by Lotte Flachs and exists of the following members:

Maud Palmen
Hello everyone, my name is Maud Palmen and I am 20 years old. I am currently in the 3rd year of my medical studies in Maastricht, where I am studying hard to become a doctor. After school I enjoy photographing, cooking and meeting friends. I also really like to travel. I have already done volunteer work in South Africa and in the Philippines and from this experience I hope I can contribute as member of MUSTANGH Foundation to help the West Gonja Hospital in Ghana.

Hendrikje Bettens
Hi, I’m Hendrikje Bettens. I’m 19 years old in and in my second year of Medicine in Maastricht. Originally, I live in Brussels, Belgium but I have a dorm room in Maastricht. Every weekend I go home because I do Chiro (a kind of scouting) and to see my friends again. In my free time in Maastricht I like to sport at UM Sports, meeting up with friends to eat or drink something and I’m also in the PR-commissittee of MUSTANGH Foundation. 

Emma van Hirtum
Hello, my name is Emma Van Hirtum, I am 19 years old and am originally form Hasselt but I live in Maastricht. I am currently in my second year of Medicine. Besides the university, I like to spend my time by going to the gym and in the weekends, I am active in the KSA (it is a youth movement in Belgium). Furthermore, I like to go out with friends, spent (too much time) on shopping and I love a cozy dinner or drink with friends. This is my first year in MUSTANGH. I am really looking forward for the coming year with MUSTANGH!

Djura Knol
Hello! My name is Djura, I am 20 years old and a first year ITM (International Track in Medicine) student in at Maastricht University. I grew up in IJsselstein, which is close to Utrecht. Next to my study I play field hockey, do something fun with friends or visit my family. This year is my second year in the PR commission of MUSTANGH and I hope to make this year fun and I hope to see you all during our events!

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