We would like to present the executive board of MUSTANGH 2018-2019:

President: Fauve van Veen
Akwaba! (Twi/Ghanaian for ‘Hello’) My name is Fauve van Veen and I am very excited to present myself as the new president of the MUSTANGH Foundation! I am 19 years old and a motivated third-year Biomedical Sciences student. My hobbies are travelling, doing a lot of sports, training with my dogs, enjoying cabaret and culinary delights, and visiting festivals. Since I had some spare time for an extra challenge next to my study, I applied for a board position within the unique organisation, MUSTANGH. It makes me enthusiastic that I can actively commit to charity via MUSTANGH. Besides, I am honoured to be able to stimulate medical welfare in the West Gonja Hospital and to learn more about the healthcare in Ghana. Moreover, I look forward to achieve good results and medical progress with our board after periods of organizing, communicating and collaborating. All in all, I can’t wait to achieve as much as possible together and to make it a successful year!

Vice-president: Laura Cammaert
Hi everyone! My name is Laura Cammaert and in the upcoming academic year, I will be the vice president of the MUSTANGH Foundation. Some of you might know me already as last year I was the PR-officer. I am 20 years old and currently a third year medical student at Maastricht University. My hobbies are sports (spinning, running) and having drinks with my friends. Last year I was looking for a new challenge besides by study, and I found it! I had a great board year and am looking forward to next year! I am still impressed that this Foundation is fully run by students. I am looking forward to next year and hope that it will be very successful!

Secretary: Julia van den Brink
Hello everyone! I am Julia van den Brink, 21 years old and I started Medicine in September 2017. This year I will be the Secretary of MUSTANGH foundation, something I am really looking forward to! Besides studying I spent my time tutoring high school students, travelling the world and hanging out with my friends. I have always been passionate about helping to improve our unfairly divided world, which is why I am also a member of a different volunteering organisation that is active locally and why I have been volunteering in Europe. However, Africa has always been in the back of my mind, because the people there need the help so much more than I can – thankfully – ever imagine. MUSTANGH is combining everything I care so much about: healthcare, international integration and helping people in a way that makes them able to function independently. I am convinced that we, as the new board of MUSTANGH, are going to have a great year and hopefully together we will be able to contribute to the healthcare of the West Gonja Hospital!

Treasurer: Maud Cox
Hi everyone! My name is Maud cox, I’m 20 years old and third year medicine student. In the upcoming academic year I will continue in the position of treasurer in the board of MUSTANGH! I liked being a part of the board last year so much that i didn’t want to quit just yet. I love to work together with the other board members, to face some challenges but eventually achieving MUSTANGH’s goals in Ghana. It gives a lot of satisfaction to work hard for a sponsorproject and then almost immediately seeing/hearing the results. That’s the thing I like most about MUSTANGH: a relatively small foundation with a great effect. I am very confident that we will keep up the good work next year and make it, once again, a fantastic year!

Acquisition officer: Sophie van de Walle
Hello everybody! I’m Sophie van de Walle and this year I’m going to fulfil the position of acquisition officer within the MUSTANGH organization. I’m 19 years old and currently a second year medicine student at the UM. Originally, I’m from Oirsbeek, a small town that’s situated not that far away from the city of Maastricht. Alongside my studies, I like to practice my horse riding or go out with friends. I’m a member of M.S.R.V. Saurus as well.
I have been interested in African health care from an early age and therefore MUSTANGH seemed like the perfect organization for me. I’m still very impressed by the fact that a relatively ‘small’ organization can make such a big difference in the lives of countless people, in an area as big as Limburg, Brabant and Zeeland! I hope that I will be able to contribute to a lot of MUSTANGHs projects this year and thereby ensure that the people in Ghana will keep having access to good health care, as they deserve.
I’m really looking forward to the board year and me and my committee are willing to strive for great results!

Education Officer: Kirsten Waanders
Hi everyone! My name is Kirsten Waanders, 21-years-old and I have already been studying for over three years at the University of Maastricht. I am done with my Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences and right now I am in my third year of Medicine. Before I was chosen for the board as education officer, I was in the PR-committee of MUSTANGH which was an extremely nice experience. Next to studying, I like to travel, play squash, play hockey, snowboard, draw, read and cook. Also, fun fact; I’m completely addicted to the ‘naturel ribbel chips’ of the Plus and my friends always have this when I chill with them for an evening. I am really excited to start my board year and I’m sure that with the other board members we will make it a great one!

PR officer: Véronique Hulsmans
My name is Véronique Hulsmans. I’m a 20 years old Medicine student in my second year. I was raised in a little town in Belgium just across the Dutch border, just half an hour drive from Maastricht. After finishing high school 2 years ago, I moved to Maastricht. Before I started studying Medicine, I did one year of Health Sciences. I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little. I loved the idea of being able to improve or save someone’s life. My family contains a lot of doctors, so you could say it’s in my blood! Other than studying, I also try to make time for fun things. I joined student association KoKo in my first year in Maastricht and joined sorority Popino that same year.  I have always wanted to be a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders. I hope I will get the chance to volunteer for this organisation when I’ve become a doctor myself. That’s also why MUSTANGH caught my attention. Especially the fact that it’s just a small group of students who can have a big impact. MUSTANGH keeps it small, but the effects are immediately visible. I’m really looking forward to be the PR officer of 2018/2019 and to raise more awareness for what we do. It is going to be an awesome year and I cannot wait to start off this new year with the committee!




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