Health Sciences

Bachelor Health Sciences
In addition to the internships for medical students, we also offer study opportunities for health sciences students to do an internship in Ghana. For this we offer no fixed program but we will discuss the options with the student and we can put a program together. Thus, it is possible to write your thesis in Ghana. The student determines the subject and we will discuss whether this is possible with the hospital.

Subjects you can think of, are:
– research into WHO guidelines (about HIV or tuberculosis etc.) on a local scale
– research into eating habits
– research into why patients don’t take their medicine
– research into why patients don’t show up for follow-up
– research into why doctors prescribe so much antibiotics
– research into local policy for malnutrition for example

These courses are not only suitable for bachelor students, but also for Master’s student, there are opportunities to do an internship in the West Gonja Hospital.
The period in which you run this internship is not fixed, this is adapted to the student.
MUSTANGH regulates most of the internship for you! (Travel, residence, contact, visa). For more information: take a look at Practical information.

Interested to delve into the Ghanaian health care? Or do you have questions about the possibilities for you as a student of health sciences? Please contact us!

Master Healthcare, policy and innovationmanagement
Since 2014 it’s possible to do an examination via MUSTANGH in the West Gonja Hospital for students who do a msc Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management.

As a student you analyze the hospitals policy and/or its organizational or structural characteristics. Based on this analyses you could give the hospital recommendations. This way the student helps improving the North-Ghanaian health-care. The student will develop the subject and the examination-proposal for the hospital and MUSTANGH.

Interested students must meet the following requirements:
– The student must be able to work independent and take initiative
– The student is offered the possibility to develop skills and expand his or her knowledge about a health-care organization abroad. He or she will discover what it’s like to work with limited means and materials and must be capable of doing that.
– The student will collect the information from interviewing people (the management team, the nurses or patients) and the hospital documents. It’s important to get the board involved and to brainstorm together.


MUSTANGH will take care of the biggest part of your internship! (the trip, residence, contacts and visum). For more information, look under the heading Practical matters.



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