Maastrichts Mooiste

Will you be a runner and a sponsor for MUSTANGH Foundation during Maastrichts Mooiste?

During the 8th, 9th and 10th of June a running event, Maastrichts Mooiste, will be held in Maastricht. During this event tracks from 5 to 16 kilometers can be run. We are looking for active people who want to join and raise money for MUSTANGH! This money would be used to finance the education for doctors that are very much needed in the West Gonja Hospital. At the moment we are raising money to finance the education of Emmanuel Tabi to become an anesthesiologist!

You can join by following these steps:

  • Register yourself for Maastrichts Mooiste
  • Ask all your friends and family to raise money for your run
  • You can than donate this money by transferring it to our bank account:  NL86RABO0172084849; MUSTANGH Foundation
  • To make it even easier you can share this donation-link on your social media: 

To sign up or ask questions sent an email to:

Will you help finance Emmanuel Tabi’s study? For more information about this sponsorproject, click here!