It concerns the 18-week internship “Participation in Health” in the final year of medicine. Students receive more responsibility this year and they work as “semi-doctors”. The content of the internship is Primary Health Care (PHC), in which the semi-doctors are supervised by a teacher who is a general practitioner at the Department of General Practice (HAG), a so-called semi-physician supervisor (SAB).

In the field
Students from Maastricht are always one step ahead in Ghana. This is because they support the hospital financially and physically. Through your active involvement in the hospital you get a fresh perspective on the issues and you also share your knowledge and skills with people who are open and grateful for this. In this way you create better living conditions. You will also enrich you as a person in a unique way.

Students who choose to do their GEZP in Ghana, may select a program by their selves based on learning goals. Various components may be included. The learning goal ‘I want to learn more about tropical medicine’ is too general. If you want to know why a child dies from diarrhoea in Ghana, you can form a learning goal in primary health care and underlying social causes of the disease. In short, the GEZP will be composed of a basic program, but students can add their own interests.

The activities that the students will perform are work in the hospital ward, emergency room and the Out Patient Department (OPD). The student may, for instance, work at the operating and delivery rooms. Also Public Health Care (PHC) may be a part of the internship.

The internship is based on a period of 18 weeks in the final year of the Master of Medicine. In preparation for participation in the health care after graduation as a doctor, students must meet the following conditions:
– The student must work independently with patients. This independence is achieved by treating private patients. This is done all in consultation and under supervision.
– The student is given the opportunity to acquire skills and to delve into the knowledge of general and tropical medicine. This will go beyond just medical knowledge but will also include topics such as preventive medicine, overcoming cultural barriers and problems in education.
– The personal learning goals will be the basis of the GEZP. Each will thus follow an individual program compiled by the student.

Program overview 
The West Gonja Hospital consists of a head doctor (Dr. Nelson), various medical assistants who take care of all regular patients at the Out Patient Department (OPD), translators and nurses. In addition to the departments there is an OR, X-ray room, laboratory and OPD.

It is expected of the students to walk along in every department.  Every two weeks there can be a change of department. Of course, there are other programs possible if there are clear preferences. (For example, a student who is interested in gynaecology in particular, can stay longer than one week at that department). Attending operations is possible, but there is no special department for which you can walk along a few weeks. Every week you can check whether you can attend a surgery.

A schedule can look as follows:
– Week 1 and 2: Orientation
– Week 3 till week 7: Paediatric ward/ Children OPD
– Week 8 till week 11: Maternity ward/ Deliveries
– Week 12 till week 14: Paediatric ward/ OPD
– Week 15 till week 18: Female ward/ Casualties

– Emmaline Brouwer: Emmaline is the faculty supervisor of the GEZP, meaning that she and the student are responsible for the content of the internship. With Emmaline consultation takes place, about the possibilities of the GEZP.
– Doctor Nelson , the supervisor doctor of the West Gonja Hospital: For students, it is important to discuss the learning goals with him and evaluate during the stay in the Ghanaian hospital.
– Education Coordinator MUSTANGH-Foundation: This person is responsible for guiding the students with departure, arrival and visa. Also this person creates a course book and a guideline for doctors.


Are you interested in an internship in the West Gonja Hospital (WGH) in Northern Ghana? Please contact us via e-mail to For the GEZP you have to apply via Eleum to be admitted. Do you have more questions about this, feel free to mail



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