Clinical elective

Besides your WESP and GEZP, it is also possible to choose for an internship at the West Gonja Hospital.

Are you adventurous, entrepreneurial, flexible and interested in a beautiful but mostly enriching experience? Do you want on-site experience in the tropics? Then the following might suit you!

The Internship
During this internship you will work on different departments of the hospital. This internship lasts 8 to 10 weeks and you can distribute the departments over this period. Because the activities that you will do require a large variety of basic skills and knowledge, it is important to pass all your other interns before starting on this particular internship.

The hospital staff is very happy with your arrival. Doctor Nelson is the doctor that will guide you. All the doctors speak proper English, just like the nurses. Make sure you clarify to them what you want to learn, they will stimulate you to learn as much as possible. Again, show that you are eager to learn. The more you do yourself, the more fun it gets both for yourself as for the staff.

MUSTANGH arranges the major part of the internship for you (Trip, Homestay, Communication, Visum), for more information on this, press Practical Information.

Where can I find more information?
Voor reports and other points you should consider: check Eleum > FHML Students > MA GEN > Education Abroad > Elective interns – Own programme > International Database.

Beware: These elective interns belong to the elective education of your own programme. Students can get a facultary aid as a compensation for the costs of studying abroad.

Are you interested in an internship in the West Gonja Hospital (WGH) in North-Ghana? Then contact us!



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