Wine tasting P-Universeel

Friday the 15th was the day of the winetasting we organised for the Staff Association of Maastricht University. Which means that the MUSTANGH members finally had a solid excuse for drinking wine all night long. Sorry, I mean sipping, after all, we keep it classy at MUSTANGH. Naturally, at an event like this, the main goal for us is to raise money for our charity. Which is why we started the evening with a short presentation from Céline, in which she explained what we stand for and what we do with the money that is donated. But beside donations it is also very important for us to tell as much people as possible about MUSTANGH, in order to get more publicity. And I ask you, what is the most effective way to make sure you are not forgotten? Right, you have to make sure people enjoy themselves. And when do people enjoy themselves? Right, when there’s alcohol in play. But, as I said, we try to keep it classy. Which is why we got help from Thiessen Wijnkoopers, from Maastricht. This is the oldest wine business in the Netherlands, founded in 1717 by the Thiessen family. After the death of the last descendant, Joseph Thiessen, in 1907, the business was sold to an investment company. The building however, is still the original building where it all began. This became obvious when our guide for the evening gave us a tour through the old wine cellars, in which they still store the wine up to this day. During the tour we were enjoying a bubbly wine, which was not a champagne, because we know now that in order to call a bubbly wine “champagne” it actually has to come from the Champagne region in France. Indeed, we did pay attention. Sadly, the real name of this bubbly wine slipped our minds… I guess, we didn’t pay that much attention after all. After the tour we were brought to a cozy room where the actual tasting of the wine took place. It soon became clear that some of us had significantly more knowledge about wine than others. However, expert or not, we all enjoyed them the same. Also very enjoyable was the bread and different kinds of cheese, including the Manchego cheese from Spain. Long story short, it was a successful evening, with very good drinks, very good food and very good company. To see the pictures of this great evening, go to our photopage!