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Exercising at De Beukeloord


The members of MUSTANGH have been exercising with the residents of the nursery home ‘De Beukeloord’ in Meerssen. The residents have participated with good effort and lots of enthusiasm. The activities varied from bowling and throwing with pit cushions to the upholding of balloons in the air. The latter seemed to be the residents’ favorite. For the MUSTANGH members this particular exercise was a little less exciting as it meant balloons going everywhere and a lot of running after them, trying to hold them up in the air. Fortunately, we as students could use the extra form of exercise.

All in all, it was a very successful activity with which we raised 200 euros and even 50 euros extra, thanks to the generous donations of the residents.

We had a lot of fun and we are happy that we were able to use this activity to create a win-win situation with on the one hand contributing to this community and on the other hand raising money for our projects.

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