Te Voet, Te Veld

This year, MUSTANGH had the honor to be one of the charities sponsored by Te Voet, Te Veld. A foundation which raises money by organizing a Christmas concert and a winter walk. Both were a huge success. On December 17, we enjoyed the pure sounds of flutes, violists and a choir in the Oude Kerk in Helvoirt. Lieke Weterings, chairmen of MUSTANGH Foundation, had the chance to speech during this concert. On second Christmas day, we participated the winter walk, starting in Biezenmortel. Not only being together, but also the beautiful nature and a little sunshine made this a day we will never forget. The total amount of money raised will be pronounced on Tuesday, January 17. For now, we would like to thank everyone who helped Te Voet, Te veld, and thus MUSTANGH. We really appreciate it!