Education Anesthesiologist

In september 2017 we started the sponsorproject for a new anesthesiologist: Tabi Emmanuel. Tabi worked as a nurse at the West Gonja Hospital until recently. However, the hospital urgently needed a new anesthesiologist, because the current anesthesiologists will be stopping soon and than no more operations could be carried out. Tabi was directly motivated to step up, so we decided to sponsor his 2 year training to anesthesiologist! He is currently in his second year and is very enthusiastic. He loves his studies and is grateful that we are able to help him achieve his goals. We’re still looking for people who would like to sponsor his second year, so all donations are welcome!

Year 1: Vintage market, Maastricht Mooiste
Year 2: Donation staff University Maastricht

A personal letter from Tabi Emmanuel:

”My name is Tabi Emmanuel Kwabena. I’m 34 years old and live in Damongo which is the capital city of Savannah Region, Ghana. Actually I come from another town, Damanko where I lived for 27 years with my dad and mum. I spent 4 years in Tamale where I attended my Nurses Training College before moving to Damongo 3 years ago. I am third and last borne of two senior sisters. My dad and mum are both farmers and live at Damanko.

I’m interested in music, comedy and sports and these made me to join my school and church choir group. I was also part of my school soccer team where I was the first choice goal keeper. Currently, I am not an active player but l’m a serious supporter of Accra Hears of Oaks and Manchester United FC. My senior sister is a supporter of Chelsea, therefore I used to tease her whenever they lost a match.

My favorite music is gospel by Sinach and Steve Crown. I listen to comedy when am bored, and my favorite comedian is Gordon from Nigeria. My favorite intellectual game is chess, but I have never played it professionally. My favorite food is rice with stew and fish. The pet I like best is a male dog. My favorite colors are red and green.

I attended my basic schools in Damanko and my Senior Secondary School in Nkwanta. I moved to Bimbilla to study computer and office practice. I proceeded to Tamale and that was where I attended Nurses Training College. Later I was posted to Damongo West Gonja Hospital to work as a staff Nurse. Currently am pursuing a degree in Anesthesia at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi under the sponsorship of MUSTANGH Foundation.”