West Gonja Hospital

The WGH is situated in Damongo, the capital of West Gonja District in the Northern Region of Ghana. The WGH is a mission hospital, this means that the hospital is ran by a Diocese and Bishop, and most nurses are nuns. Approximately 47509 people depend on the medical care of the WGH.

The hospital deals with a shortage of staff and the state of the hospital buildings and medical equipment is deplorable. The hospital counts 160 beds on six different wards, including surgery, paediatrics (44 beds) and obstetrics. Furthermore, there is an outpatient department, an emergency ward, an X-ray room and a small laboratory. There is an extensive Family Medicine department, which takes care of the mother-child care, preventive and health education is supplied. In the West Gonja District there are eight Health Centers in the surrounding communities, in which work no doctors.

The WGH was founded by a local farm (Workers’Brigad) to serve as a clinic for their employees. The Catholic Church took over the administration in 1954. Currently the hospital is lead by the Sisters of Mary Immaculate (SMI), who took over from the SSpS congregation in June 1999.

Management staff
Dr Jonathan – Medical Superintendant
Sr. Genevieve – Nurse Manager
Sr. Seraphine – Accountant
Mr. Remy – contact MUSTANGH
Dr. Tony – Doctor
Dr. Gandaa – Doctor



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